A little bit of Fun Science History!

The early years.

The concept of Fun Science with Amadeo was born when I became a science teacher here in Dunedin in 2008. I have always enjoyed science, but unfortunately not always in school… As a kid I wished science in school was as cool and fun as I experienced it outside school, but it wasn’t. My weekly science fix came by going to the planetarium, or the Natural History museum in Madrid. Museums were amongst my regular highlights for science enjoyment in the city. On weekends I used to enjoy nature going to the countryside around Madrid and in school holidays I enjoyed the Mediterranean coast mountain biking, going rock hunting and snorkelling for hours, and taking photos and videos of all the cool stuff around me!

Science, nature and culture have always been part of my life. All those enriching experiences I had outside school were shadowed by the education system in Spain, unfortunately based on reading text books, writing and learning theory, which I found boring and very difficult to relate to.

My inseparable camera and I in Menorca when I was 14 years old.

The creation of Fun Science.

When I came to study here in New Zealand I was surprised of how much more fun it was to do science in school in such a different education system. I decided to become a teacher then! We use labs all the time and there’s plenty of practical work, so science is fun! And Fun Science was born as a school based platform in which students could enjoy science, nature and culture during school and after school too.

In memory of my grandmother, who used to call me “The Spanish Sun”, the Fun Science logo was made in 2008, as a symbol of long lasting energy, passion and enlightenment. “The Spanish Sun” in New Zealand!

Fun Science in Dunedin today!

Based at Kavanagh College Fun Science invites everyone in Dunedin and beyond to join in and enjoy science during school and with several after school programmes as well!

At present the Fun Science team is full of volunteers that like myself see in science, nature and culture the most important tools to progress in life. Fun Science partners with other organizations like Moana Pool, Fab Lab and the Dunedin Astronomy Society in order to deliver programmes that will allow students to engage with science doing what you like best. We are all in to have fun and share our passion for science in everything around us!

The key to having a good life is to enjoy your time on earth doing good things, and science is the perfect tool to allow that to happen.

So come and take part in Fun Science! No matter what school or school year you are at, there are both junior and senior groups in all our sessions.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Amadeo Enriquez Ballestero.
My grandmother and my mum, always present in all I do.