Are you ready to have fun? All you need is a brain and your senses to discover everything around you through science.


No matter what we do in life science is always there to help us discover more, to help us solve problems, and of course to help us understanding things better. In Fun Science we not only follow the scientific method, we also like to take science beyond its logical side, think outside the box, use our imagination, switch on our creative side, and the most important thing: Have fun!

Our afterschool sessions run at Kavanagh College, Moana Pool and The Dunedin Observatory. Check our timetable below and come and join us to have some fun!

Meet the Fun Science team!

Fun Science runs entirely by volunteers that are passionate in science and science communication, and also like to have a good time getting everyone into science! Here is the Team:

  • Amadeo Enriquez Ballestero: Founder.
  • Kaitlyn Mae Martin: Dunedin Space Programme Coordinator (Fun Science at the observatory)
  • Toni Ann Aslop: Science of swimming coordinator (Fun Science at the pool)
  • Keir Russel: Fab Lab coordinator (Fun Science in the lab).
  • Nathan Pooley:science of swimming assistant.
  • Daniel Solid: Fab Lab assistant.
  • Josh Meikle:Dunedin Space programme assistant.
  • Anton Stuck: fun science media editor

After school FUN SCIENCE Sessions

During the school term:

  • FUN SCIENCE IN SPANISH! Mondays 3pm to 5pm in the Kavanagh College lecture theatre. Learn Spanish as we explore all the science and cultures of the Spanish speaking countries. Each week focusing in some new vocabulary and grammar to use that vocabulary with.
  • FUN SCIENCE IN THE LABORATORY!Tuesdays 3pm to 5pm in the Kavanagh College Science Block. From epic physics to cool chemistry! Let's enjoy all the fun that science labs have to offer!
  • FUN SCIENCE IN THE POOL!Tuesdays 5:45pm to 7pm in Moana Pool. We start meeting in the old diving pool and then do science everywhere in the pool! From exploring currents in the wave pool and the hydro slide to experiencing neutral buoyancy in the deep pool. Each week we focus on a different area of science, from biology to physics, chemistry and even astronomy!
  • FUN SCIENCE AT THE OBSERVATORY!Fridays 7pm to 9pm at the Dunedin Observatory. Learn to use telescopes, become a great Astrophotographer and enjoy the universe and all things related to space!
  • Download poster attached.

Amadeo Ballestero

Fun Science Role:

Founder of Fun Science as a school based platform in which students of all ages can enjoy science, reinforce what they see in class and make links between all areas of life and science.

Professional background:

Science Communicator and currently the Discovery World Science Centre Coordinator at the Otago Museum. Also a registered science and Spanish teacher.

Kaitlyn Mae Martin

Fun Science Role:

Junior Astronomy Club Project Manager.

Professional background:

Currently completing a Phd in science communication at the Otago University.

Anton Stuck

Fun Science Role:

Camera and media manager.

Professional background:

Currently studying year 11 at Kavanagh College.

Josh Meikle

Fun Science Role:

Senior Astronomy Club Project Manager.

Professional background:

Currently studying physics at Otago University.

With the support of:

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